Why Sequence-r

“A professional sales emailing solution, easy to set up and use. My whole team can use it without problem.”

Ant Poulain – Director of a Business Development Agency

Never forget to follow up.

Sequence-r is a professional B2B emailing solution that makes it easy to keep your prospects and customers active.

If your sales team has difficulty carrying out regular follow-up or prospecting effectively, our email sequence-r will allow you to easily set up a follow-up standard in your company.

Automate when you need it.

In B2B or technical sales, automation is not necessarily the key. What you need is to follow up as specifically as possible with your prospects.

Email Sequence-r allows you to send your follow-ups either in a fully automated or semi-sequential manner: Your templates will open pre-filled, allowing you to modify the content of the email before sending it: No more risk of forgetting or making a mistake!

When your campaign is optimised, you can then launch it fully automatically, and wait for the results to come your way.

A team of experts ready to help.

Email Sequence-r was created by sales and lead-generation companies for sales and lead-generation companies. This means that our system is built with one thing in mind: generating demand and sales.

If you need advice on how to build a campaign, simply contact our support team and we will help you generate your first leads!

Easy to manage different accounts and campaigns.

Depending on your subscription, Email Sequence-r allows you to create multiple users, with their separate email addresses, and create multiple campaigns.

Whether you are a company with multiple sales reps, campaigns or a sales agency managing multiple clients, our system is the easiest sales solution in the market!

Affordable plans

Whether you are a consultant with only 1 email address or a large agency with hundreds of different accounts, we have a plan that covers just what you need, at a very competitive rate.

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